Our commitment to hosting the AFC Asian Cup 2027 is about more than hosting a tournament. We want to use this unique opportunity to move Asian football forward – leaving legacies for all 47 Member Associations of the AFC.


Football in Asia is on the rise! With anticipation building towards the 2023 Asian Cup, now is the time for all of Asian football to benefit from the positive momentum being created.

By bringing the AFC Asian Cup 2027 to Saudi Arabia for the first-time ever, is the opportunity to ensure that this momentum is not only carried forward but that it is renewed and expanded to include each and every football association across Asia. An AFC Asian Cup 2027 in Saudi Arabia will be much more than a football tournament; it will be the next step forward for Asian football, creating a strong legacy for all.



As we in Saudi Arabia undertake our own transformation through our national Vision 2030, we are ready to use our long-standing passion for football as a catalyst for the continued growth of football across Asia – enabling all football associations to experience, exchange and expand like never before!


A core part of our bid to host the AFC Asian Cup 2027 is a commitment to developing legacies for all within the AFC community. And why wait until 2027?
The excitement which would be created in the Kingdom as tournament host will begin long before 2027, with a range of legacy programs to benefit Saudi Arabia and Asian football as a whole.


The Kingdom’s current transformation, in line with Vision 2030, will be an important platform for the development of AFC Asian Cup 2027 legacies. Our many exciting legacy programs and projects being planned include:
Accelerating planned development of football infrastructure

In all three proposed host cities, the AFC Asian Cup 2027 will facilitate the speedy development of football infrastructure. This will include both the major stadiums foreseen to host matches during the tournament, as well as smaller stadiums and football training centers, which will be used for participating teams’ trainings and preparations.

Accelerating planned development of football infrastructure

This fast-tracked development program will not only benefit the professional Saudi teams in the three host cities, but also ensure that grassroots infrastructure is prepared to welcome future generations of players and fans in an unprecedented manner.

Developing a new level of fan engagement

Saudi Arabia enjoys a long-standing passion for football with a very large and engaged fan community. With its history of having won the AFC Asian Cup three times and qualified for the FIFA World Cup five times, the interest in national team football is enormous.

Developing a new level of fan engagement

The opportunity to a host a major international football tournament of the scale of the AFC Asian Cup, for the first time in the Kingdom’s history, will further entrench football in Saudi Arabia’s future. Throughout the build up to the tournament, a number of fan engagement programs will be developed to include all generations and all backgrounds with new and unique opportunities to further their involvement in the beautiful game.

Fast-tracking the development of women’s football

Saudi Arabia is home to more than five million passionate football fans, 33% of whom are female. The share of enthusiastic female football fans is growing tremendously, and the AFC Asian Cup 2027 in Saudi Arabia will provide the ultimate catalyst to further women’s football in the Kingdom.

Fast-tracking the development of women’s football

In recent years, a range of initiatives have been developed to establish women’s football within Saudi Arabia, and looking ahead to 2027, we want to make sure that women are not only actively involved in the organization of the tournament, but we continue to advance and showcase the women’s game.


Major tournaments such as the AFC Asian Cup should not only benefit the host. We want to use our position as a first-time host of the great tournament to help other Football Associations across Asia grow their capabilities and opportunities.
Encouraging smaller Member Associations to stage new football tournaments

The AFC Asian Cup 2027 in the Kingdom will be the opportunity for all Member Associations in Asia to benefit from our successes and commitment to football development at the highest level. This will be an opportunity to exchange with and involve every AFC Member Association in planning and preparing for the tournament, giving smaller Member Associations the knowledge and the tools needed to organize tournaments in their own countries.

Encouraging smaller Member Associations to stage new football tournaments

To secure the on-going and active involvement of all AFC Member Associations, we are planning to organize a series of workshops for technical directors and tournament directors. Such gatherings will provide valuable inputs and ideas about how to stage a next generation football tournament and will inspire and encourage smaller Member Associations to stage new tournaments in their countries in the future. These workshops, aimed at exchanging ideas, could begin as soon as the hosting decision is made, ensuring impact and legacy several years in advance of 2027.

Promoting Women’s Football Across the Region

Across the world, women’s football is growing like never before. We see the AFC Asian Cup 2027 as being an ideal platform to expand women’s football and leaving a lasting impression for all 47 member associations of the AFC.

Promoting Women’s Football Across the Region

Throughout the preparations of the tournament, and hosting of the tournament itself, we will develop a series of initiatives to showcase women’s football, using the high-profile status of the men’s game as a key catalyst. Every step of the way, we will work involve AFC member associations to play an active part, and practically support each other in new and innovative efforts to drive growth in women’s football in Asia.